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Shibe enterprise( SE ) was established in 2033 B.S (1976 AD ) by the founder Mr.Hari Bhakta Bista, as a wholesaler of stationery, sports and toys products in khichapokhari, Kathmandu.

Initated as a family business structure in a small scale but with continuous market expansion orientation, during early 40's (BS) SE concentrated on developing stationery products market in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

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Detailed History

During late 40's (BS) SE started marketing expansion to incorporate major potential markets all over Nepal and by early 50's (BS) SE concentrated on dealing with high quality and branded stationery products and was successfully able to position itself as "Exclusive Seller of Branded Stationery Products "

During early 60's (BS ) SE established its sister concern for international business expansion as SHYAMA SHYAM OVERSEAS in Khichchapokhari, Kathmandu (SSO) During late 60s (BS) SSO started receving exclusive authorization from reputed staionery brands from Singapore, China , Thailand , Indonesia , India and Taiwan. SE then established and developed to the extent possibility for the market of highly reputed stationery product brands all over the world.

During early 70's (BS) SE focused on developing innovative organizational and marketing plans, policies and strategies. The major concept was to build SE in a way it could grow effectively in the future. The growth started with building a professional management, sales, marketing and finance team who were skilled, intelligent as well as hard working. SE also focused in developing a very efficient, effective and reliable, international outsourcing partners. With an effective team, SE was developing a very efficient, effective and reliable, international outsourcing partners.

Everything aside, what mattered the most in the end were customers. Developing regular and loyal customer base was SE's major priority onwards and it was successful in developing strong (trade partner) relationship with it's new as well as existing customer base. Along with these SE enhanced overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness with with high tech computerized system on major work aspect which has proven to be very effective even to this date.

Shibe Enterprises Today

At present SE has exclusive distributor authority of highly reputed and giant stationery brands manufacturers worldwide "COMIX", "CAMAT", "TODAY" and "RAYSON". SE has a well organized and managed showroom in the heart of Kathmandu city at Khichapokhari, Shibe Enterprises is equipped with professional, enthusiastic and innovative administrative , sales, marketing , accounting, finance and legal team.

Today SE has wide market networks to incorporate whole Nepal market, with distribution centers at major market points and big customer base of 9 different types of customer such as dealers, superwholesalers, wholesalers, official suppliers and retailers all over Nepal Market. Shibe Enterprises has adequate warehouse facilities at major distribution points and enforces the application of high tech computerized system for accounting, finance and logistic management.

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